SpaceX's Starship Super Heavy rocket prototype moves to the launch pad for tests

The big SpaceX Starship project is still underway last week, as the "Booster 7" Super Heavy rocket prototype moves to its testing ground in South Texas on Thursday (June 23).

The Starship Rock and its Super Heavy rocket are set to a pressure test and possibly, a local fire test near Boca Chica that can test its fuel-burning capacity over a period of time

If it survives, "not at all a guarantee of Raptor 2 engine upgrade," the upgrade could bring Starship to a test flight around July, the report added on Friday (June 24).

SpaceX's Starship program includes both a first-level booster, a Super Heavy, and a 165 ft high-speed car. 

 When fully stocked, Starship and Super Heavy stand at 395 feet, making it the tallest rocket in the world.